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So I left Arch Linux… what’s up with that?

About a year ago I started this blog, primarily as a sort of public collection of notes on how to do things on Linux, especially Arch Linux. At the time I was annoyed by a lot of decisions Canonical made … Continue reading

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Got my piece of pi…

Check out what arrived this morning with the mail: That’s rght! I finally got my Raspberry PI! If you haven’t heard of it yet, go check out their page now! (Also: Wtf dude?) I can’t wait to get started playing … Continue reading

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Thinkpads throttle CPUs down when battery is removed

I was pretty sure that the proper way to treat your laptop battery, if you want a longĀ fulfillingĀ life for it, is to remove it from the laptop when you are connected to an AC adapter. After all the lifespan of … Continue reading

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Merging multiple images to one document file

Recently I read an interesting article in a newspaper (you know, printed on paper and such…. oldschool). I wanted to show it so some friends and so I scanned it, giving me five jpeg files. To make the reading more … Continue reading

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Keep your software clock up-to-date with ntpd

Recently I noticed that my system clock tends to run a little fast up to the point where it is 7 to 10 minutes ahead of the actual time. (I now know that hardware clocks in common computers are not … Continue reading

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Resize images directly from nautilus

The more often we need to a certain task, the more direct access we want to have to it. We don’t want to click through 10 sub-menus to create a new folder (that’s why it is right in the context … Continue reading

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File backup with rsync

Most people would agree, that backing up your files regularly is very important. However: Most people don’t. I don’t have any scientific data to support this, but it is my personal experience. When I switched from Windows to Linux (a … Continue reading

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