Got my piece of pi…

Check out what arrived this morning with the mail:

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That’s rght! I finally got my Raspberry PI!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, go check out their page now! (Also: Wtf dude?)

I can’t wait to get started playing around with this thing, the only problem is, I don’t have a screen that I can connect to it. The Pi only has an HDMI and Composite video out and my Screen only has VGA. Adapters cost more than the Pi itself, but I was planning on getting a new screen anyway, so I gotta speed up that purchase decision!

On the pi website three OS images are offered: One debian based (which is recommended for beginners), Arch Linux ARM and QtonPi. I am obviously going with Arch 🙂

What plans do I have with this? I am not sure myself just yet. When I ordered it months ago, I just wanted to have one! So now I am going to experiment around with it and can see it becoming a fileserver, mediacenter and/or emulator box in the end.

Watch out for more stories on the pi on this blog!

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